Hello. My name is Harper. I am 14.

What do I love? Hmm. Well first up. The Beach, yep definitely the beach. Number two? Blogging? Something else I love.. Polka dots, and well travelling.

If I find some killer kicks you might find me dancing. I like all things shiny. Metallic? I. Will. Be. There.

Also cameras are really exciting. Along with dots, dancin' (in shiny shoes), blogging, the beach, travelling and good tunes I take a lot of photos. All the time. Everyday. Yep you guessed it I lurve photo-taking.

SO that's all that I love. Well there is a WHOLE LOT MORE that I love but let's just say that was the 'refined' list. If you are a clever munchkin then within every thing I love is everything I do. Or at least most things that I love to do.

Well then for now that, is, all. Continue HERE to read posts and perhaps see some shiny shoes, photos (yes, lots of them) the beach, probably some dots and much, much more.