November 30

Whoa. Time flies. 
Hooley dooley it does. Somehow 4 days have passed since my last post. 
Honestly, how does this happen?
I am fascinated.

Filling this post with, what I dare say are 3 selfies that I HAD to take because this rare little intrusino of light appeared and it completely changed the appearance of my eyes. One eye was dark and then when the light hit it it would look really different. So yaaaaa. 

Anyhoo within the past four days the Thursday, Friday and the weekend happened and now to the great pain and sorrow of probably about half the world tiday is MONDAY. Yep, that's right, big, bad, fat old monday. Ewwww. Upside? Tomorrow's Tuesday and then after Tuesday comes Wednesday which is also (thank god) the last day of school. As of Wednesday, I am officially free for 8 whole, HUGE weeks. Amen. I'll happily join that holiday religion. 

Well, anyway it was one very, very good weekend and I think it's ok to say that I am seriously exhausted. Pretty darn knackered to say the least. Basically Saturday consisted of 6 and a bit straight hours of work which then turned into a night that went until 3AM and next up, straight away Sunday morning a 5AM wake up and then river dip. Tiring but real good. Sunday was then work again and then from there another friends birthday party. After that, well the super exciting notion of today that was school. Ehh. Good but tiring and once that universal end of term mood of completion sets in every class is almost transformed into a minor bludge and learn session. 

Anyway, super duper keen for the summer holidays and plans consisiting of the beach, sand-dunes, exploration and a whole lot more are safely in place. I cannot wait.

One other thing that I'll just jot and blab right here is the fact that one my brain has sufficiently melted to butter and 2, well due to the melted brain and missing posts I shall be attempting to catch up on all of them, nothing better than a good old backtrack you know? Praying to my newly invented holiday religion that this post has made sense. 

Love you all.
XO Harper