This morning was a kind of day where the sun has yet to break thorugh the haze holding it back. Everything appeared to be shrouded in some form of light slumber... Along with the haze of the morning it was also freezing! Walking on the sands of the beach my toes froze slightly, and after only a short time I was rushing back inside to the comfort of big jumpers and fuzzy socks.

Finally the sun broke through the clouds and everything sort of came to life, it all woke up. Peering down a small beach track these red flowers were spotted and it was love at first sight... Here's to chilly mornings, the sun, turtle necks and red blossoms.

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-Harper Wears- Jumper - One Teaspoon Socks - Rusty Sandals - c/o Jellybeans Skirt - Kimchi Blue

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Secretly I really do love being a little cold... Well not too cold, but just cold enough that you can wear warm jumpers and skirts... As well as remain barefoot. Along with the some what comforting chills, this tuelle skirt was one of my versions of I ♥ NYC. Tuelle, a little lace and a few gold sparkles.

Wishing you smiles and a lot of laughs. Oh and perhaps where you live it's summer? I do hope the sun is treating you.