The gatherings of a of Melbourne shopping.

All rugged up despite the season’s ‘summer’ name.. There have been days of FREEZING and then days of HOT.
This place really has 4 seasons in one day.

Feeling lucky to be able to wear clothing for a cooler climate. There's something about throwing on jeans + a jacket that has the tendency to really make my day.

Dodging the cooler weather now with yesterday's warmer climate it was back to skirt + tee.

My attempt at layers...

All my layers. Denim + Floral Jackets + Spots + Sandals + Hat. Phew that list went a little longer than intended!

Hoping for another chilly day to give me an excuse for jeans + jackets.
Oh and on a side note – through out this holidays I seem to have become slightly denim obsessed…
More on that later.

Happiest of ‘almost christmas” to you all !
XOX Harper