A black and white ode to summer

outfit:summer A black and white ode to summer. Many layers. Many a breeze.

My hair whips back and forth with the rhythm of the wind. With each step my toes pucture the sand beneath me.

A long shadow. An open space. A lack of colour.

outfit:summer3outfit:summer1 outfit:summer4outfit:summer6

- Harper Wears - Dress - Free People T-shirt - Rhythm Skirt - Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters)


Today was bright. Endless sun. A cloudless sky. Believe it or not I was hoping for clouds. Hoping for the melancholy beauty of an overcast day. Arrr oh well I guess I will just have to be satisfied with warm water, waves and sun. Life is so hard. *Insert wink*

SO with lack of grey drowsiness, today truly felt like summer. A beach day. A day for photos.

No longer wishing for grey skies and hazy mornings the sound of the breeze and warm weather is making happy.

Hoping that you ate a donut today. (I haven't.)