fashionHello,I'm back again! Where do I keep disappearing to? I'm usually just living in the clouds but this time I at least DID disappear somewhere. None other than Sydney, ahhh. I do love it there.

BUT I better get back on track... Can I just start this by saying that I am in LOVE WITH JELLY BEANS. And finally after these winter months summer is coming around once again.

Ahhh... Summer.

The days becoming longer, the season of barefeet (unless of course you are wearing Jelly Beans) and that time of year where you live in your swimmers.

fashionScreen Shot 2014-09-29 at 5.03.04 PMfashion -Harper Wears- Shoes - JELLYBEANS Skirt - Motel Rocks Dress - Witchery Singlet - Supre fashion fashionfashion

Wearing a palette of blue. Late afternoon sun. Pastel JellyBeans. SIGNATURE