Bored. 7 ways to Un-Bored yourself.

shadows When you're bored. When nothing seems to work. When everything is just missing that spark of excitement. When you really just DO NOT know what on earth to do. When everything is just B.O.R.I.N.G.


1. Get up. Stand up. (Bob Marley Lyric?) Yep you SHOULD listen to music. Sing like you do in the shower. Dance like a crazy person.

2. Take a whole bunch of photos. Snap away at a flower, try and spot a butterfly, watch out for a breeze and take photos of that. Are you near the beach? I suggest you head straight down to the sand, watch the sun and take a photo of your toes in the sea.

3. Make a collage. All you need is a few old mags, a newspaper, a pair of scissors and some glue.

4. Read a blog.

5. Make a mini movie. Do you have a iPad? A phone? Perhaps an iPod? Download the imove app and get movie makin'!

6. Get outside. Stop reading this now, hop off your comfy chair and jump up and just take a walk. Take a photo of the sun. (Hopefully it's setting.)

7. Cook something. Stir something.  Blend something. 

Are you un-bored? Are you done bored? Well hopefully this did something to cure any bored-ness. (Mental note to self next time I'm bored...)

Wishing you a day of non boredom.