Double Dots

Well hey.Hello. Hiya. How are you rollin'? Wonderful I hope.

As the days just continue to disappear before me I am continuously seeming to be watching as time just slips through my fingers. BUT I am trying to stop the 'time watching' and actually get goin' with a touch of 'time-doing'. Yep that is just a little of all the seemingly fast moving clocks surrouding me of late.

Oh and CAN YOU BELIEVE that we are already over a week into August?! I mean crazy stuff. Where is all of this year going?

But anyhooo as I sit here watching time fly by and attempting to acutally use a little of it just below you can witness for the first time in my life me 'wearing' a crown of bananas and double dots...

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.40.17 PMno4no3 ---------------------------- -Harper Wears- Dress/top - Mink Pink Skirt - Thrifted Shoes - Borrowed Polka Sock - Rusty Pineapple - Dangerfield ----------------------------no2



Yep, you saw it. That is how it all went. I wore double dots, missmatched socks, a crown of bananas and stepped through silver wood all the while attempting to remain upright.

Did I ever, ever, ever even think or suspect that wearing bananas in a photo or even 'wearing' bananas at all would be something I would do? The answer to that question. Nope. Not ever. The thought had never even occurred to me. But hey bananas, spots, who knows whats next?

Ooooo I do hope your week was fan-tab-u-lous.