Dreamy Haze


A collection of photographs. White. Blurred. Dreamy.

Look closer.. A slash of aubergine. Hints of green. Shaken to create a picture.

Abstraction. Concious. Unconcious. In and out.

A splash of colour. An expanse of nothing.

dreamer3dreamer1 dreamer2


I suddenly had an urge to photograph white. A flower?! Yes. I needed a white flower. Rushing into the garden I picked the very first one that caught my eye. Correction. This flower was the ONLY flower in the garden.

SO above you saw my colour picking self, flower photos, a green stem and a blurred haze. Perhaps I'll begin a little colour apprectiation category on here?

Well... Um middle of October already?! What??? Hoping that time would slow down just a little... SIGNATURE