Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.34.54 PMMy story with food. I like to eat it. The making part? Well, yeah not so much.

BUT. Have no fear, slowly, very slowly my cooking ability is growing. Adding more to my list of cooking capabilities and very slowly I am expanding on from toast. I can kind of make salad, the very occasional smoothie (the process of creation still FREAKS me out) and I can kind of slice a tomato now without completely squishing it.

I really don't know about you. Perhaps you are some super talented chef who has mastered pastry or maybe you're like me where toast was pushing your limits. By the way toasting your toast on number 3. is usually pretty good. (If you like well toasted)

SO up above my 'INSTAFOOD' I didn't make it all. Although I really would have liked to!

That chocolate donut? A mini flashback to airplane food, it was my first donut with icing + sprinkles.

I also had Peanut Butter + Jam crackers. I made salad and sandwiches... Bottom left corner, vegan NYC lasagna. And finally the sign (top right) morning wanderings and choclatiness.

SO, all this food? Hopefully my list of cooking abilities keeps on growing... Oh and I'm just curious... Your favourite food? I would love to know, perhaps I can give it a go myself.

Wishing you a day of wonderfullness and fun. SIGNATURE