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We found a forest of darkened hues.

Late afternoon, and as we walked the sun followed.

Step by step,  movement by movement we ventured into the woodland.

Remaining ashes of a long gone fire crunched beneath my toes.

With every pace, further forward we moved.

Within a daze of blackened beauty and a trail of the new comers cloaked in green around our feet.

Yellow + White. Pink + Grey. Cream + Burgundy.

The gift of a roadtrip, the unexpected surprises that make a day.

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- Harper Wears - Dress - Mink Pink Socks - Topshop Shoes - Jellybeans Top - Lee  A surprise destination along with an impromtu road trip. Before leaving I gathered a mini collection within my mind of places I hoped we might find. This blackened forest sprouting with new green certainly was something that I was hoping for without even knowing.

After 3 and a 1/2 hours cooped up within our car we drove and drove and then found this. I was so excited. Jumping out of the car with this polka dot dress, jellybeans + frilled socks I walked through the trees with a camera and an eye watching the sun.