halloween2 Halloween. I never knew I could get so excited about dressing up...

Our family became - Farmer Dad Miss Mummy Rabbit Mexcican Sugarskull Me Delaney Doll Pineapple Daisy Baxter The Mummy

Were you a trick or treat-er this year? Oh and I might just mention that I am most definitely NOT to old for trick or treating just yet.. A huge dress-up party along with sugar at every turn? I might just never grow up. Counting down the halloweens that I might just be able to get away with... What did you dress up as?

halloween   halloween6  halloween5halloween3HALLOWEEN:SUGARSKULLhalloween1

I re-discovered face paints and the joys of playing around with collections of make-up. Didn't know it could be so fun. Pink flower crowns along with a porcelain white face and embroidered detailing. Thanks Op-Shop for the flowers... Along with re-discovering the joys of face-painting, if you are ever in need of fake flowers for creating, head to the op-shop. No more than $1.50 a bunch.

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloweening! And oh my hasn't this year just whizzed by? Have fun trick or treating lovelies!SIGNATURE