Hats + Flowers + Jellybeans Sisters Part 2.

harperanddelaney15 Hello, hello! We found something that I might just describe as concrete happiness. Probably one of the most exciting grey walls. EVER. Did I ever think that I may begin to become wall obsessed? Concrete Fascinated? No way sister! Not in a million years.

SO, number 2. Yes number two my dear friend. Two shoes, two flower tees, two floppy hats, two sisters. Welcome, to part 2 of Miss Delaney Days & I.


- We Wear -

Harper Sandals - Jelly Beans  Top - Mink Pink Hat - Ripcurl Skirt - Rhythm

Delaney Sandals - Jelly Beans Top - Target Skirt - Re:named Hat - Billabong

harperanddelaney4 harperanddelaney18harperanddelaney11 harperanddelaney10 Yay! Sisters number 2. How did you like it? We would really love to know your thoughts!

Thank you to the loveliest of them all Miss Zali for the photos!

Leaving you all now until next time (stay tuned for sisters part 3!) in a land of pastel Jbeans, floral tops, and skirts that beg you to spin.