Hello again! Apologies for my absences of late... Hehe. I have been slightly zonked, tired and altogether a little half asleep. But anyway I have been having a fun week even if suffering from end of trip exhaustion, and I really do hope that your week has been mighty fine. How have you been?

So, over the past few days my family and I have all been in Paris, if you follow my instagram you may have been experiencing a slight overload of pictures...

As well as Paris, I also said goodbye to a little of my hair and the current cut is a slightly very curly...

A few photos...







We are all preparing to coming home and although I am sad that the trip is finishing I am also really excited to be coming back home. It's all gone so fast! Well I will really try harder to keep blog rolling without to many disappearances...

I hope that you have been really well, and just before saying goodbye until next time I have a few little questions...

Pizza or Gelato?

Sunshine or Rain?

Shoes or Clothes?

Photos or drawing?

Until next time lovelies, and I would love to know what you think! ^^^