india:travel Oh India.

That wonderful place in the world where all is moving, is happening, where the world is ever moving.

People run, walk and skip. A bus horn is repeatedly pressed, there's a seemingly stray donkey and cow on the wander, and among all the bustle the calm eyes of hundreds of people watch your every move.

You may hear the beat of a drum, be watching as a hand reaches towards you. Perhaps you'll be staring as if you're will never be large enough to take it all in.

I think I have been hit face on with the travel bug. With India love. Hit hard with the travel bug, loving it. India. Wonderful places For the experiences. For the feeling.


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I'm in love with India.

With the freedom of spirit. The places. The colour. This place where so much is moving, the moment is the dictator of choice and life is forever in the fast lane.

SO because of the travel-lover that I have become I am going back in time (wishing I could teleport) and flashbacking back to the time in India.

Colour, feeling, never-ending stalls with puppets, a bunch of flowers. This land of all. Leave me in my daydreams and Indian memories.SIGNATURE