July Playlist

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Heyo once again!

I hope you're July so far as been a rockin' one. Is it winter or perhaps it's summer in your part of the world. Whatever the season I hope either you are not melting in heat or turning into an iceblock in winter's chilly breezes.

SO, so, so how has this month been treating you so far? Good? Not so good? Somewhere in between? Well whatever the weather (I was just trying to find an excuse to write that!) I hope you have been fairly well of late.

Well then next up what I am really here to share with you all... YEP! You guessed it, July Playlist.



SO? Do you have a particular favourite song, artist, album or tune of late that you really can't get enough of?

Recently I somehow trained myself to listen to music while writing, typing, math-ing (sigh..). I know this might sound crazy to a whole bunch of you, but I couldn't up until very recently do anything when good music was playing. Each and every time a song that I loved came began to play, well you had lost me. Completely. BUT! After my half-way-through-june-start-of-july resolution I had to somehow teach and train my wandering brain to listen to good music and somehow concentrate at the same time... Slowly, very slowly I am beginning to get a little closer to that.

So that's it, my June + July music contempaltions... If you really do feel like it I would LOVE to hear what you've been listening to lately, and I reckon that you're favourite song might just become mine too.

On that note, (see what I did there) wishin' you a rockin' July!