Life in a Day.

Hello. A life in a day. A day in the life. A photo an hour. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever makes you happy. Below, my photo an hour, my day in the life, my life in a day.

6AM - Wake up and read a little. Chapter 22 + folded pages.6AM

7AM- Computering + trying to stay cozy under covers.7AM

9AM - Brekkie. Smoothies + a very full table.8AM

10AM - Breakfast dishes, tidy time.9AMM

11AM - Mum + Dad back home from Saturday Morning Markets. Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies. *licking my lips*10AM

12AM - Crumbs and remainders of morning morsels.11AM

1PM - Exciting postal packages! Eeek!12AM

2PM - Late lunch, falafel munching.1PMM

3PM - We did a lot of this today... Realestate.3PM

4PM - RULE: Blue walls + brown eyes must be photographed. 4PM

5PM - Sunflares, long shadows and beach skipping.5PMM

6PM - The last light. Muted tones + me snapping away once again. 6PM

7PM - Dark sky, dark gravel, silver shoes, a loveheart and a very slow shutter speed.7PM.jpg Well there you have it all. My day, in photographs. Morning to night. Sunrise to sundown.

All day I snapped away, every hour my iPad would ding and remind me that "Harper, it's been an hour." And then out would come my camera and click, point, take a step back, adjust, click, click, click. Snap away I would.

I hope that you enjoyed looking through this mini collection and that your day was wonderful, relaxed, fun or however you wished it to be.