Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.18.05 AM Just arrived home today, precisely 2:45AM after a small collection of aeroplane delays... I didn't quite realise just how jetlagged I was and just how absolutely exhausted I was until my WHOLE family and I did not even blink an eye until 3:30 in the afternoon! We slept in until 3:30PM.

Well, anyway. Enough of exhaustion and back to the post!

Oh how I am LOVING these pieces and brands! So many absolutely gorgeous prints and cuts, by such wonderful labels! Polka dots, cactus, love hearts, blue decoration and a dress of letters?!

As soon as I laid my eyes upon these pieces (and socks) I mean it was like christmas, a lolly shop for my eyes, it was/is a little bit of heaven.

SO you may be wondering just who are the creators of this little happiness...

Across - Row 1. GORMAN Across - Row 2. PAINT THE TOWN Across - Row 3. ODD PEARS 

Well I hope these pieces gave you a little happiness and enjoyment! I cannot guarantee an early rising tomorrow, but anyway I'll aim for 2PM. :) Wishing you an absolutely wonderful week!