Recently, (for the first time in my life EVER) I have been LOVING metallic textures, colours, hues, shades and just all things shining and that are catching a little sparkle. Shoes, garments, skirts, well you name it, I just seem to have a slight obsession. I'm not exactly sure what lines I'm crossing. When is gold okay? Silver? Bronze? I don't know a little green sparkle? Let's give it ALL a go!

SO some of my absolute favourite items at the moment down below, all of them are just so perfect and so, super. cool. When absolutely amazing brands create absolutely amazing things, well then, wow the world is spinning perfectly and at just the right speed.

Just down a little you too, can see why I am loving all things shiny, and a few of the sparkles that MAKE my day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 7.35.41 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.55.49 AM

COLLAGE 1 1 - Princess Polly // 2 - Someplace / 380grams // 3 - Someplace / 380grams // 4 - Someplace / Secret South // 5 - Someplace / Numph // 6 - Hobes  // 7 - Someplace / Secret South

COLLAGE 2 1 - We Are Submarine // 2 - Doc Martens Silver // 3 - Doc Martens // 4-6 - Top Shop // 7 - American Apparel 

Did you have a particular favourite? A sparkle that really caught your eye? What was it? I would LOVE to find out. Hope you enjoyed, and maybe just, maybe you've now caught the metallic, sparkle bug.

Until next time wonderfuls!