Nothing quite like a 5AM start

Ahh there really is nothing like a 5AM start ... The early 'singing' of my iPad reminding me that I have approxiamately 2 minutes to snap out of sleep-mode. That quick transition is something of a love-hate relationship in my mind and every time those few minutes that really will make or break your day.

SO why, you may be wondering, is Harper waking up at the slightly unearthly hour of 5AM? Well I have my reasons. Those reasons being super fun new friends + family that aren't afraid of an early morning, and the fact that well, the sun is rising and along with a camera it almost is as if christmas has come early. I may have just become an advocate for early morning risings..

Seriously though you wake up slightly groggy, and then down to the beach it is and all that tired-ness disappears. Well then what's next?! Ermm a whole day, (you will probably finish a TON of your things and guess what? It won't even be 9AM).

My point of all this?

1. First of all, the photos below.
2. Wake up early, arm yourself with a camera, add a few other people and your morning sleepy eyes will evaporate.

There you were. So far our early morning sunrise count is totalled at 2. Might make this a habit... SO fun taking photos with DelaneyJettDaisy and Baxter. Giving you all a heads up.. I have a feeling that this blog can expect similar.. Are you for the sunrise or sunset? Hope you're well!

XO Harper