November Love List



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My mini Love List of late November -

TAN SANDALS WITH A HINT OF GOLD. (Gold, ahh it really is the best thing ever) B&W CUSHIONS - A.K.A. HEAVEN TRIPOD - LOVE  BLACK AND BLUE TOTE. (Because everyone needs a tote on those lazy days when a throw over a shoulder can make an outfit).

Hello my friends and welcome to a post of truly lovely things. Oh and I'm giving you all a heads up.

It's short, but SWEET.

Ermm why am I writing slightly old-lady-ish? Honest answer I have no clue. Just hold tight until the old-person-writing-funk comes to an end..

I write this as I munch cube of chocolate, (yes it is good, sweet and hazel nutty) hence the sweetness, and perhaps the ancient writing style...

SO moving on to some non-literal sweet pieces above truly check the boxes. Seriously though everyone needs slightly gold sandals, a tripod, a gorgeous tote bag as well as a pillow that fell directly from heaaven.

And yes, this is what you do when you're camera is well and truly out with a stunt at the 'Camera Surgeon'...

Well, this turned out a little longer than I anticipated, hoping your mid-week is just fine. Catch ya later, SIGNATURE