AND I'm back! Seriously where did I disappear to this time? Did I hear you say no where? YEP. That is exactly where. I was busy in nowhere doing nothing.

Well... Almost. I am still alive and although I haven't been doing a whole lot it wasn't just complete nothing-ness either.

SO I'm back with the news of room-cleaning, black and white photos and, *crying* a broken camera. HELP!

Goodness me I never realised 2 things... 1. Just how much I can say about not a whole lot. 2. To the extent that I love my dear camera. (I see a whole lotta iPhone photos in the near future)

B&W# B&W@ B&W!

Dreaming of Quirky Circus & Jelly Beans whilst waiting and hoping that my camera might just change it's mind and decide to work. SIGNATURE