colourpainting2Nothing more than a face. Within a world of faces.

People concerned solely with a face. With a complexion. With a 'just-right' and never short of perfect appearance.

A gazillion ways to 'get those eyebrows'. Buy this cream today! I mean seriously you TOTALLY need this eyelash enhancer, oh no dear, what a dull face.

That million dollar imperfecetion. A billion dollar fault. An ugliness that once was beauty...

I'm writing these words, yet still fall for the tricks and tips of trade. I sit here thinking all these things yet again and again I fall for it all. I NEED that. I just have to have it. Arrgh! When will I stop falling for it all?!

Well, well, well. That was a bit of a mini-rant. Rant over. Ahh. Moving on.. I painted this face. Yes. With paints and colour, a paint brush and some water. Enjoy! colourpainting1  colourpainting13 colourpainting4

Well. Happy week to you all. I'll be back soon with more, and hopefully another outfit VERY soon! Love you all muchly. SIGNATURE