September Favourites

favourites september1 // Quinn Skirt Maroon    2 // Wild Lives Skirt    3 // Night Bloom Top    4 // Stop Me Top    5 // Reflect Skirt & Take Me Out Jumper    6 // Pair Me Top Spemtember, September, September. How is it September already, and at that almost the end of September? This is crazy! I mean SERIOUSLY where has 2014 gone?

SO in honour of years moving along TO fast, I have done none other than a favourites post...

This month, because of my crazy love for clothing (ahhh, why? I am constantly emptying my wallet due to clothing love!) for the love of great clothes, and years moving along a little to fast, I have created my monthly favourites from Princess Polly Boutique and their everchanging clothing amazingness. Enjoy!

Quick years, clothing love, Princess Polly and all that cool-ness I wish you a lovely week and day.