surff Surf. Surf. Surf. As the water warms here in Australia, as the sun-filled days become more frequent I am slowly trying (keyword TRYING) to surf again.

I've had surfing breaks that have been WAY to long.. Was it the cold water? Not much sun? Excuses?

I'm getting back at it. Well getting back at it least this week involved -

  • Early mornings
  • Ocean filled afternoonsa
  • A jellyfish sting, (It hurt. A LOT)
  • An almost hospital trip
  • Wave catching
  • A camera, and zoom lens
  • A dolphin almost within reach of stroking.. Well at least I'm pretty sure it was a dolphin. I hopped just in case..

SO whew! I'm water bound once again...


Happy almost weekend my friends.

P.S. Today the waves were a little big for me and my beginner status so I did none other than snap away from the shore at people who really can surf...SIGNATURE