IMG_7443 Hello there all you wonderfuls! How have you been of late? I'm not sure what you've been up to, what whatever it was I really hope it was good.

SO over the last few days I have been...

Drawing, and trying to re-discover some sort of ability that doesn't just leave me drawing stick figures for the rest of my life...

Creating ice-cream with faces and going crazy with a hole punch.

Oh! And after agggess fantasizing over Beci Orpin and her wonderfulness the whole family has just acquired her book - Home. ( It has become my-before-bed-kind-of-read-and-fantasize-over go to )

Also crocheted dresses that you can still wear in winter, are making me smile, saltwater sandals (all day) ermm they may have been worn so much that they are now tanned onto my toes...

Happy about woven leather purses and wondering if I will ever wear denim + denim.

Well I hope you've been mighty fine, and if you feel like it, leave a comment on how warm/cold is it right now where you live?

Until Next Time!