Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.09.59 PMDo you ever feel uninspired?A little stuck. Actually a lot stuck.

You feel as if suddenly your brain may have shrivelled up and all your left with is a big blob of nothingness. Or even worse, a big fat blob of other people's ideas.

Other people's ideas that are amazing and fantastical. And sometimes so amazing and fantastical that you feel like you will NEVER EVER think of anything good again. Well if you've ever felt like this before, I have D E F I N I T E L Y  been in that boat.

In these moments, I feel like everywhere I look someone is doing something incredible, so many things that I won't ever be able to do and then I feel inspired, just for a fleeting second...

- In fleeting second of inspiration moment - "I feel SO inspired!"

Uh. Oh. I have just become overwhelmed and stuck. That bubble of inspiration suddenly pops and all of the sudden I am back to square one. Frozen, and in a ginormous hole watching inspiration everywhere I look but it is all just out of reach.

Feeling uninspired. Feeling stuck. Trying to climb out of the hole of so many ideas, and goings on.

Trying to lift yourself out of becoming that big blob of nothingness. You're feeling uninspired? Good Job. Congratulations. You have just stood upon that very first step to turning that blob of nothingness into a huge idea. An idea that will probably change the world.

Well, if you are in this exact moment feeling on the verge of becoming nothingness I reckon you should first, shut your eyes to everything screaming it's ideas at you. Kind of turn off their awesome-amazing-incredible-super-inspiring-ideas-that-are-just-full-stop-impossible and let your brain shutdown for just a second.

Suddenly, you've closed the book you're looking at that's boasting it's gazillion great ideas to you, you have switched off your instagram, your pinterest, your notebook, your whatever making you feel overwhelmed, and you have stopped. Stopped for just a moment.

Okey dokey, so now that you've paused, inspiration is no longer showing-off it's absolute greatness to you and suddenly that HUGE hole you're standing in became a little smaller.

That weight on your shoulders of I can't do anything, I will never be good enough, and everything is just to much has just lifted.

SO now don't look for anything to inspire you, forget all about being inspired and just let your mind wander...

I can almost guarantee you that soon you will be creating something subconciously and suddenly that world-changing idea will be the one popping off every book cover, showing off it's brilliance on pinterest, instagram, your bedroom, your iPad screen. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.

I know that today one of you will be changing the world, and I will be being blown away by the brilliance of YOUR idea. I can't wait for it.

And by the way, my day was feeling 'uninspiratioal', good, but 'uninspirational'. and I am trying to get out of that hole... One step at a time, almost there.

I hope all of you have a day of creation rather than inspiration. Any idea super big or teen tiny I would love to hear about it. ALSO if you ever feel uninspired what do you do to help yourself out of it?