Unclassified Wanderer





Hello beautiful people, how are you all? I hope your days have been happily passing by, and your world is spinning in the right direction. While all is well we must ALL remember to laugh, dress up, smile, run on beaches and have fun, A LOT!

SOOO... All dressed up number 4! Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.52.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.54.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.53.16 PM -Harper Wears- 

Skirt - Roxy Shoes - Doc Martens T-shirt - Cotton on Flowerband - Home made

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.52.20 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.56.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.55.12 PM

Well, hey! I absolutely CANNOT wait until next time!