image (1)Along with a little drawing, sketching and collaging of late, today I tried my hand at some watercolouring. I had seen a great little stopmotion by Zali quite some time ago and so this time as I painted I 'stop-motioned' at the same time. After many failed attempts, (I drew an outline and then went on to attempt to erase all pencil lines while the paint was still completely wet). Yes, I really did do that and not until the paint was smudged half way up my arm did it really occur to me that perhaps that really was not the wisest idea.

SO after a rainbow arm and smudged paper, just down below is my little full 58 second video featuring my mini water-colouring expedition.


Yep, so there you all had it! My watercolouring, result minus the rainbow arms and somehow without spilt water!

Wishing you a whole lot  of wonderful.